• 17Apr2015

    Wedding Proposal Ideas

    Wedding Proposal Ideas

    The wedding proposal is a once in a lifetime event for most people. That’s why it has to be memorable and perfect. You want to ask the question in the most creative and romantic way possible. Wedding car hire in Melbourne can help turn that simple idea into something spectacular. Below are some of the wedding proposal ideas that can make a big impression to your soon-to-be wife.

    Take your partner to the place of your first date

    There’s no better way to continue your journey together than going back to where it started. You can take the next step in your relationship at the same location where it began. And to make the trip more memorable, employ the services of Limo Hire Melbourne. They will take you to the exact place of your first date in style.

    Arrange a Romantic Picnic

    Melbourne has lots of places where you can set up a romantic picnic in advance. Then you’ll stumble upon the set up with your soon-to-be fiancée. There’s no better setting for a wedding proposal than when the sun is setting on the horizon.

    Limo Wedding Proposal

    You can employ the services of a wedding car hire in Melbourne to take you and your partner on a tour around the city. During the tour, you will be given the privacy and luxury that you deserve. You can opt to do your proposal during the ride in the limo, or have the driver stop at a romantic landmark of your choice.

    Restaurant Proposal

    Proposing at restaurants might already be cliché but it can still be memorable especially if your partner is not expecting it. Before the actual date, it is important to call the restaurant and get their advice on how to propose in their premises. More often than not, they will be willing to help you out during the actual wedding proposal.

    Things to Do during a Wedding Proposal

    • Choose the right location;
    • Get the perspective of a female;
    • Get the wedding proposal on camera;
    • Prepare a sweet and romantic proposal speech;
    • Pay attention to details; and
    • Keep it a surprise.

    Things to Avoid during a Wedding Proposal

    • Not having a plan and poor execution;
    • Not thinking about your partner; and
    • Using unoriginal cliches.

    No matter what wedding proposal you go with, there are some things that you need to do before popping the question. It is important to take the time to ask her parents for their blessing first. That way they will not be surprised and hurt when they find out about the wedding. Timing is also an important factor to consider. If she has hinted before that she wants a fall or a summer wedding, then you should consider asking the question six months before the wedding. If she wants the engagement period to be a short one, then let her be the one to decide.

    Limo Hire Melbourne can help you make your wedding proposal more memorable by providing affordable limo hires. The limo comes with a professional chauffeur who will attend to your needs on that special day. The driver can help you before, during, and after you have popped the question.